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Last update: 21 December 2015

Content offered on this web site should not be relied upon for the guarantee of exam result

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Termination of your account

Your Studynova account is strictly personal and access cannot be shared with others. If the password of your account is shared on forums the account can be blocked without notice. Multiple concurrent accounts are forbidden and can cause the termination of the account.

Online tutoring money back guarantee

If after the first hour of online tutoring you’re not happy with the quality of the service you can request a refund by writing to mich@studynova.com. We will reimburse you via PayPal the full amount you paid to us minus PayPal transaction fees. The refund doesn’t apply to unused hours and can be requested only after the first hour and before the second hour is used (because we’re still paying our tutors for their work).

Good luck with your exam! 🙂