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Question #11-1 Paper 1 Difficulty: Easy

This question is based on the legend of how Archimedes sat in a bath tube and noticed that his body mass displaced a certain volume of water. He had his famous ‘Eureka’ moment and is said to have ran down the streets of ancient Greece naked because he was so amazed!

A piece of metal with a mass of 21.621g was placed in 38.6 $latex cm^{3}$ of water in a measuring cylinder.
The water level was seen to rise to 42.3 $latex cm^{3}$. From this data, the best value that one can report for the density of this metal is:
A. 7.207 g/$latex cm^{3}$
B. 7.21 g/$latex cm^{3}$
C. 8.45 g/$latex cm^{3}$
D. 7.2 g/$latex cm^{3}$

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Question #11-2 Paper 2 Difficulty: Medium

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