Solving trig equations with your GDC

How to use your GDC to solve trigonometry questions (mainly by graphing)

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The videos were extremely helpful.
Without them my mark might have dropped significantly 🍎
Much much gratitude to you for all the help.

– Saeid, West Van secondary, Canada

It gives many examples so that anyone can quite easily understand any kind of science\maths topic. And even better is the fact that all the content is well divided in many different classes so that you can find exactly what you're looking for instead of having fast-forward a video every 5 minutes.
– Julia A., SS.CC Recoleta, Peru

I liked that you guided learning from initial basic understanding to tackling complex problems when often school lessons drop you right in to the hard stuff too quickly
– Sarah G., Torquay Grammar, England

Buy for $119

30-day Money Back Guarantee

I found the videos and explanations very straightforward and easy-to-follow. If i didn't understand a topic or an aspect of a certain video, it was great to be able to rewind and listen to/watch it again. I learn by doing, so being able to take a quiz/test following a topic was a great way to practice and figure out if I knew the material. A wonderful source for revision!
– Anders J., Langkaer Gymnasium, Denmark

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