Do you feel like:

  • Going over the past papers' answer keys is confusing because they are written in “teacher-ese” and meant for IB examiners?
  • You are alone in finishing some topics that your teacher did not have time to finish?
  • You do not even know where to start and what is the best way to prepare?
  • You are far from a solid 5 or even 6 or 7 (that you need for uni)?

If any of the above sounds like you, don’t worry - you are not alone!
You can join the thousands of IB students who mastered their exams with my IB Math SL online revision course.

I am Mitch Campbell, an IB teacher, examiner and curriculum developer with 15 years of experience. Since 2009, when I started Studynova, I have been helping students to master their IB exams while still having fun. Yes… how crazy is that?"

I did a detailed analysis of every recent past IB Math SL exam, so I can show you what topics come up most often on Paper 1 and Paper 2. In the course, I even made topic by topic predictions for the next exams!

So... get ready for your exams and say ‘IB AWESOME!’ (and expect dumb jokes :)

I found the videos and explanations for Math SL very straightforward and easy-to-follow. If i didn't understand a topic or an aspect of a certain video, it was great to be able to rewind and listen to/watch it again. I learn by doing, so being able to take a quiz/test following a topic was a great way to practice and figure out if I knew the material. A wonderful source for revision!
– Anders J., Langkaer Gymnasium, Denmark

The IB Math SL Online Revision Course

Review the most important topics in just about 8 hours

58 Theory Videos

Save time by revising the key concepts

Knowing which topics and subtopics to cover before your exam can be overwhelming.
We help you by carefully choosing the most important topics that show up most often on exams. Each topic is broken down into subtopics, with instructional videos for each.

Exam Like Questions connected to the lectures

Test yourself after each lecture

Passively watching lectures isn’t the best way to learn.
To help you stay active in your learning, each lecture video features a question for you to try out yourself immediately. Plus, you can see a full video solution for each question in case you get stuck.

I liked the fact that it doesn't feel like hours and hours of lectures due to the addition of useful jokes and real life applications in a more relatable manner.
– Antonin F., Compass International School Madinat Khalifa Doha, Qatar

70 Questions with video solutions

Put the theory together with the question bank

While the lectures and questions help you with short term recall and build on the theory, it is important to also put it into practice. With our quiz questions, we feature exam questions that are sorted by topic.
This way, you can practice longer term recall of material, since you need to figure out what subtopics are needed.
When you are practicing questions, it is easy to get lost or frustrated when you don’t know what to do.
We help you by featuring full video solutions to each quiz question to explain every step.

20 video solutions

Test yourself with original papers

I created 2 papers to practice all the topics together.
Here as well I show you the entire answers for every single question, including video solutions showing every step you need - we help you to see inside the IB exam questions and demystify it.

18 Video Tutorials

Know how to use the TI-84 Calculator

Remember that in Paper 2 you must use your calculator. In the course you will find 18 videos that shows you exactly what keys to press and how to use the TI-84 calculator. And even if you master the basics you can skip to more advanced topics.

Make the Math SL exam the last of your concern

Pick the option that best suits your budget

Most popular option

All Modules Together

With this option, you get immediate access to all modules:

  • 58 quick (and sometimes even fun? :) videos about the key concepts you need to know for the exam
  • 58 questions - one for each concept - to test your understanding right after the lecture
  • 70 questions filterable by topic and difficulty with step by step solutions to practice harder subjects
  • 18 video tutorials for the TI-84 Calculator
  • An “original exam” (Paper 1 and 2) designed by me to test yourself with questions never seen before
Buy for $199

The budget option

Single Modules

By buying all modules together you can save up to 50%, but if you only need a few, you can buy them individually.
Just check the modules you want below.

Buy with confidence with our 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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I liked that you guided learning from initial basic understanding to tackling complex problems when often school lessons drop you right in to the hard stuff too quickly
– Sarah G., Torquay Grammar, England

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the money back guarantee work?

If you are not satisfied with the revision course, just reply to your purchase receipt email within 30 days and we will issue a full refund.

How can I pay?

With PayPal and all the major Credit Cards. Please get in touch if you want to do a bank transfer.

For how long do I have access?

2 years from the purchase. Any new material that we release during this period will be accessible to you at no extra cost.

Who is the teacher?

Mitch Campbell: a Canadian IB teacher, examiner and curriculum developer with 15 years of experience teaching mathematics and physics

I used the online course to review topic 6 and i found it extremely useful. The videos were short, straightforward without feeling rushed. The best thing was that the answers to the quizzes where explained in videos, which really allowed me to understand where my mistake and weaknesses are.

I benefited the most from the calculator help videos, there were really great tricks that I used to save time during paper 2 exam.

– F.N., English College in Prague, Czech Republic

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Take a test drive of the Algebra topic. This is a completely free module we released for you to try.

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Honestly, I don't really know how you could improve. Thanks to your course I got from a low 3 to a medium 4 in my end results, and I'm really happy about that. Your course and videos are really motivating and for once I didn't feel like dying when I was doing math, so I think you're doing a perfect job.
– P.N., Greenfield Community School Dubai, UAE