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IB Economics Guide

Ah yes IB Economics. Such an incredibly relevant and useful subject. Yet, it’s so difficult to study because it can be so boring sometimes.

As George Bernard Shaw puts it:

If all the economists were laid end to end, they’d never reach a conclusion

– George Bernard Shaw

Not sure if that quote even has any relevance at all but I liked it. I mean not sure about you but I kinda chuckled when I read it.

IB Economics

Okaaay…guess I’m the only one that found it funny….Anyway on to the next point.

Who Is This IB Economics Guide For?

There’s really only a few groups this article is for. Namely, the IB Economics students, both current and prospective, and also students who want to know what Economics in IB is like.

Now, as with all our other subject guides, I need to put a full disclaimer out that we can’t guarantee you’ll get instant Level 6’s and 7’s from reading our articles.

Although that would be nice, a lot of the work has to come from you, the student.

Does that mean there’s no point in reading our helpful advice articles? Absolutely not!

This guide will help you get into the mindset of what it takes to get the Level 6’s and 7’s. Technique is just as important as studying the content of the course.

As an IB student, you need to understand not only what to write in an exam situation but also how to write it.

That’s why practicing your technique is up to you. Our guides can definitely help you with understanding the techniques required.

Alright that’s enough blabbing. I’m sure you’d like to just get to the articles now so without further ado, here they are! We’ll be adding to this list in future once we’ve created more so stay tuned.

IB Economics Internal Assessment

Picking The Perfect Economics IA Article

One Easy, Simple-To-Learn, Tip For Your Economics IA

Paper 1

IB Economics Paper 1 Tips (With example questions)

How To Nail Economics Paper 1

Paper 2

Nothing yet but stay tuned!


So far those are all the articles we’ve got on offer. As I said earlier, stay tuned for more because we’ll be adding some in future.

In the meantime, you can check out our other guides for English, Business, and our IB Starter pack guide! There’s plenty of helpful advice in those guides as well.

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