General IB Tips: Sleep (how to pass IB)

So here it is. The start of this IB tips series. I’m going consider this the official first of many posts on pieces of advice for IB students. They’re pretty general so apologies if you were looking for something specific. Hopefully you’ll get an idea of what may be required to pass IB and possibly help you beat IB procrastination.

We’re going be talking about sleep today and more to come in future (like beating IB procrastination). I’m going to be working to get more articles up but in the meantime, let’s get into it.

General IB Tips

When it comes to passing IB, there are tips you have to remember and push yourself to apply. You’ve probably read all about them before on other websites or your teachers have told you a bunch of tips that are probably not as useful as you’d like.

Well I’m hoping I can make them a bit more helpful or at least more informative/entertaining because we’re all chill here. So let’s get into what IB tip 1 is.


IB Tips

You have NO IDEA how much this helps. This is probably a HUGE factor in your success in IB. Here’s a link to an article posted by the World Economic Forum on the effects of lack of sleep and how you can correct it.

Seriously, you gotta sleep. Take it from me. Being heavily sleep deprived throughout about 70% of IB, I’m not even sure how I scraped a 37 while being so exhausted.

IB is tough. No doubt about that. It puts your time management skills to the test. HOWEVER, you have to remember to sleep. It’s crucial. Screw success man. If you wanna SURVIVE and pass IB then you have to sleep.

No ‘Buts’. You HAVE to. It’s also good for your general well-being. No matter how much work you have, you absolutely need to consider getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

IB Tips Applied in Real Life

IB Tips
IB Students after school

I’ll let you in on an IB success story from my year that involves IB tip one. Our head girl for our year (for privacy reasons I will not share her real name on here. Let’s call her Jill) was a very busy girl.

While doing her head girl duties and representing the school whenever necessary, she was also doing part-time work as a model (mind you, that crap is time consuming).

As busy as Jill was, she STILL managed to get 40+ IB points (not sure if it was a 43 or 42 but either way it was still impressive). GUESS WHAT THOUGH? It was common knowledge in our year that Jill NEVER WORKED past 9 pm.

Crazy right? I swear to you I’m not kidding. The head girl, who was a part-time model, and more importantly an IB student, got 40+ IB points. She did all that extracurricular stuff and never worked past 9 pm.

Now that’s impressive for an IB student. Of course there are very likely other factors that could have gone into her success but the point is, she was never as sleep deprived as about 99% of all of the students in my year. She was always well rested and ready to tackle the obstacles of IB.

Seriously guys, I can’t emphasize this tip enough. You WILL see a huge improvement in your work ethic, time management, overall mood, and most importantly your chances of passing IB will be higher if you sleep more. I guarantee it.

Ok so the phrase “you’ll pass IB if you sleep” may be a bit of an exaggeration. You can still pass IB sleep deprived but you would definitely be better off well rested as opposed to always sleepy.

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