General IB Tips: IB Stress (How To Pass IB)

IB Stress And How To Deal With It

Before you get confused, let me clarify what “IB Stress” is in this context. The stress I’m talking about here is both general and relatable to IB students. Hence why I’m coining the term “IB Stress”.

Dealing with IB Stress isn’t easy at all. Hell I’m no expert but I’ve been through the IB stress, both fearing failure and other types as a result. The work you get in IB can affect you in more ways than one.

For one, it can make you miss out on social occasions with either family or friends. If you feel under stress, you feel like you have to work and don’t have time for much else like spending valuable time with those you care about.

If you’ve got a timetable all laid out for yourself then the one thing I can give advice on is to take time off every now and then. Depending on how you’ve managed your schedule, assuming you have one, you should probably incorporate more time for socializing from time to time.

IB Stress
Every IB student

Don’t forget. Your family is there to support you and considering you’re an IB student, you probably won’t want to miss time with the family before you go to university. Same thing with your friends. You’re all graduating soon. Who knows if you’ll see each other again?

If you’re organized, have all your subjects and studying under control yet you’re still stressed then you have to give yourself a break from time to time. Do something different. Get up. Stretch. Go to that lunch your parents planned with you that you said you weren’t going to go to because of work.

If you’re not so organized then a helluva lot of stress could instantly be relieved by planning and managing your time. You might also want to consider sleep if you’re disorganized. Definitely helps.

So How Do I Deal With IB Stress???

IB Stress
Like, dude, seriously

Back to my main point. IB Stress is evidently going to be a prevalent threat to IB students health wise. It’s not too serious but if it gets to the point where you’re buried in books, notes and drafts of your coursework then you really need to recuperate.

Go for a walk. Play a bit of sport if you’re into that or have a football or basketball lying about. Swim if there’s a pool nearby. Go to a park and sit on a bench with a book or just read one in your room or living room. Talk to your parents, your friends on Skype or the phone.

If you’re TOO stressed then that’s when you need to stop for a moment. In my experience, I’ve seen a lot of negative impacts of stress and I’ve experienced the impacts them first hand. Not to say that stress is all bad. A small amount is healthy as long as it gets you off your ass to work. Just nothing is healthy in excess.

So to conclude this point, do something other than work to relieve the stress. It helps if you take a moment to appreciate life in general. Life isn’t about numbers, exams, coursework or university applications. It’s just not a healthy way to live if you exert so much worry over such aspects of life. Just my opinion though.

So that’s that. Hopefully I wasn’t too generic about the whole thing. Lemme know in the comments if there’s anything you didn’t understand and I’ll get right back to you!

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