IB Exam Studying Tips

In this ‘IB Exam Studying Tips’ series I’ll be giving related to studying for your mocks and past papers. I will tackle one piece of advice at a time because each tip deserves elaboration.

Now remember. I’m here to just give advice so the actual studying and how you do it is totally up to you.

Hopefully these tips will help in someway in making you study more effectively but like I said, it’s on you to do it. So without further ado, let’s get into the main theme of today’s tip.

IB Exam Studying Tips

Organize, organize, organize

IB Exam Studying Tips
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Oh? You thought studying was all about opening up a book and studying it’s contents for hours? Sadly no. It’s a more complicated process than that.

So we’ve all probably heard it from our teachers in the past. “To study effectively, you must blah blah” or “You’ve got to do this, this, this, and this if you want to properly prepare”.

HOWEVER. There is NO way you’re going to get anything done without organizing yourself first.

Don’t try to do things without a plan

Yes that’s right. You need to plan. You have 6 subjects, a limited amount of time, a lot of topics you know you’re not so good at, and your exam is worth 50% of your grade. Now is definitely not the time to roll around on the floor panicking.

Plan it. Grab a pen and paper (because if you use your laptop, you might start procrastinating) and just think long and hard about what you need to study the most.

Which subject is your weakest one/strongest one? Which IB past papers do you have the most access to and which ones do you need?

These are all good questions to ask yourself before diving head first into the process. Next up is organizing your IB past papers themselves.

Know how much time to allocate to studying content and practicing IB past papers

This is also important in your organizing phase. What are you gonna be studying? For how long? How many past papers are you realistically going to do today?

Take it from me, you can’t do one thing without the other. People who just do past papers without knowledge on the actual content find themselves getting crap grades when they look at the IB past paper mark schemes and people who just study content aren’t gonna know the first clue about how to answer questions.

Balance it out. Plan it out. How many hours are you gonna study the content and how many hours are you gonna do past papers for?

Plan it all out. It’s literally one of the most important IB exam studying tips I can give.

Planning reduces the stress

IB Exam Studying Tips
Two very dangerous words for an IB student

Yup. You heard right. The more you know about what you’re doing and how you’re going to tackle the strenuous task of studying, the less exhausted you’ll be just thinking about it.

Plan it out on paper. Do it very carefully week by week, month by month, day by day. Which subjects, how many hours, content or past papers. As long as you have some kind of plan put together that you know took a lot of time to prepare, you should be good to go.

Otherwise if it was a half assed attempt at a plan then your ow confidence in the plan will take a hit. I mean come on you can’t put faith in a crap plan.

Don’t just plan it, do it

IB Exam Studying Tips

This kind of goes without saying. Planning is only one part of it. Actually going out of your way to do it is another. Following your plan is going to take a lot out of you but it’s all worth it. You have to be motivated enough to follow through with everything you’ve written.

Mentally force yourself to do it. Resist as best you can the feeling of procrastination. These are your mocks and final exams for uni. You’ve only got one shot at each set of exams so make them count.

Final words of advice on organizing yourself

As a final tip in this first IB Exam studying tips article, remember not to beat yourself up too much if you still end up not following your plan perfectly. You’re only human, as are all IB students and you definitely can’t afford to bring yourself down when studying.

Focus on what you’ve planned, block everything stressful out and remain calm. Getting anxious when you study is the last thing you need.

Oh and if you’re a competitive person at heart then do yourself a solid and don’t compare yourself to others. It doesn’t matter how other people work or study. You’re the only one that dictates your work ethic. Not others

Hopefully you’ve got the idea of this post. Planning is crucial to just about everything. I mean imagine school if it didn’t give you a timetable for your classes. It would be pretty chaotic no?

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