General IB Tips: IB Deadlines (How To Pass IB)

This post is going to be a little short. It revolves around IB deadlines, which shouldn’t really be an issue with most people in IB. Then again, gotta cover all your bases when you’re an IB student

IB Deadlines

Every deadline should be treated with the respect you’d give Vito and Michael in the Godfather movies (watch them if you haven’t already). It’s good to keep up with deadlines and hand stuff in early. It builds a good impression with teachers. Also, it keeps you from feeling like this:

IB Deadlines
IB deadlines got me feeling like

I’m not talking about finishing a piece of work and waiting until the last minute to upload it to Managebac by the way.

I’m talking about finishing it off, asking a teacher for advice and feedback if necessary, checking it over, and finally handing it in on time, or early. Either option is better than handing it in late.

It’s definitely not good to miss an IB deadline. Or any deadline for that matter. Teachers in high school may be lenient but universities worldwide generally won’t tolerate it.

If you miss a deadline then that’s it. You’ve missed it. Oh the assignment was worth 50%? Unfortunately it doesn’t matter. You won’t get a second chance (there might be some exceptions but don’t rely on those too much).

In school, don’t take your teacher’s leniency for granted. Handing stuff in on time allows you to maintain a sort of leverage if for some reason you ever do hand in a piece of IB coursework late.

In other words, you might get off the hook for missing one of your IB deadlines as long as the rest have been handed in well on time.

Would it be easier as a teacher to forgive someone who always hands in work on time or someone who has a track record of handing in assignments late all the time? Exactly.

Some IB Deadlines CANNOT Be Missed

IB Deadlines

Just have to warn you though, some deadlines are definitely not best leaving until last minute.

For example, don’t even THINK about trying to hand in an EE or TOK draft in late. It may vary from school to school but my school was extremely strict on these two deadlines. Most likely because they are two of the major three components that IB revolves around.

Depending on your school, they might be pretty strict with Internal Assessments too. Either way, you have to hand in your crap on time no matter what. Seriously. It’s a big help.

Oh. Also. Learn when to prioritize your deadlines. Some deadlines may be more important than others.

Off the top of my head, a pretty obvious one would be the Extended Essay deadlines.

Those are top priority since they’re marked externally and they pretty much determine whether you get an IB Diploma or not in some cases.

Also, just because you’re done with one deadline doesn’t mean you can kick back too quickly.

This is kinda optional and I doubt a lot of IB students will realistically do this. However, if you’re ahead of the game on the next deadline then why not start on it and give yourself more time?

That one’s just an opinion but it’s pretty common sense so I’m sure me mentioning it was redundant but oh well. Mentioned it anyway.

Alrighty that wraps it up. Hope this has been informative-ish. If not, lemme know in the comments on what you didn’t understand in the post so I can help you wrap your head around things better.

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